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Meet The Makers 



Hi Everyone, thank you so much for checking our website out.  So a little bit about us, we are 2 horsey mums, Amy & Emily. we both have young families, actually crazy young families with 6 children between us! Husbands, Farm life, Horses, Dogs, Chickens, Rabbits and guinea pigs! So we thought why not add some more manic to our lives and set ourselves up in business! I know most will be reading this now thinking 'oh my gosh' what a silly thing to do but we LOVE it and we hope you do too.


So, how did it all start? when we wanted something different for our children at Christmas but we found everything was the same and nothing stood out. we set about designing our own clothing for our children's Christmas gifts. having boys we found it was hard to find edgy equestrian/farming clothes that weren't girlie! And so Wilbury and co was born!  The name Wilbury is a combination of both our surnames, Williamson and Norbury, so its personal to us.

Did you know Wilbury also means Mythical Creature? why not check out our Mythical Creature hoodie? 


our best sellers are our #bravepants they really are as magical as they say!! we have had so many children and adults come back to us and say wow i cant believe it they actually worked for me. 

we do personalised #bravepant too plus our show #bravepants which are white perfect for under your show attire. 

Lastly, what we are most passionate about is mental health. this is something very close to our hearts and affects many families daily, especially in the equestrian and farming community, yet it's something we never talk about.  Our aim is to get you all talking and help beat this awful illness.  We hope you will like our clothing designed along the mental health side. any ideas for new clothing please pop us an email, we're always looking for inspiration. 

Meet us Amy & Emily owners of Wilbury & Co


Meet us Amy & Emily owners of Wilbury & Co


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